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Listed below is the detailed catalog of the Original 1964 Ideal Petite Princess Collection. There were only 30 pieces in the original furniture set, with no Kitchen or Bathroom pieces offered until 1965. At that time, the Princess Patti line was introduced (for one year only), which included several additional pieces to round out the collection.


The last 3 numbers of the Product Code indicates the original MSRP for each item. The number "150," for instance, indicates that the piece was originally sold in 1964 for $1.50, "200" for $2.00, "300" for $3.00, and so on.


The small photos to the left of each catalog listing are  called "thumbnails."  Left mouse click on the thumbnail to produce a larger image of the item you desire.  The images are a large, high-resolution 640 X 480 pixels in size.  They may be printed individually.  There's a PRINT button at the end of this listing, which will send the entire catalog to your printer.



Living Room


Salon Curved Sofa    4407-3  300

Available in various brocade and satin covers.


Guest Chair    4409-9  150

Available in various solid colors.


Salon Wing Chair    4410-7  200

Available in various brocade colors.


Salon Drum Chair    4411-5  200

Available in various lame' colors.


Occasional Chair With Ottoman    4412-3  150

Available in various velveteen colors.


Regency Hearthplace    4422-2  200

Complete with two genuine brass end irons, brass ash bucket, 2 pieces of firewood, and gilded framed mirror


Rolling Tea Cart    4424-8  150

Brass finish with rolling wheels.  Shelves are removable.  Includes wine bottle and 3 wine glasses.


Pedestal Table    4427-1  150

Marble finish top with lamp, flower vase, and flowers.


Heirloom Table Set    4428-9  150

Marble finish top with brass lamp, books, bookends.


Tier Table Set    4429-7  150

Marble finish top with brass fruit bowl, fruit, and lamp.


Palace Table Set    4431-3  100

Marble finish top with porcelain decanter, 3 cups, gold tone leaf ash tray


Salon Coffee Table Set    4433-9  100

Clear top with flower vase, coffee pot, creamer, and two bowls


Occasional Table Set    4437-0  100

Marble finish top complete with picture frame, Buddha statue, cigarette lighter and ashtray


Salon Planter    4440-4  100

Gold antique finish.



Dining Room


Dining Room Table    4421-4  250

Marble finish top, gold antiquing appointments, includes gilded framed picture.


Host Dining Chairs    4413-1  150

Available in various brocade and satin covers.


Guest Dining Chairs    4414-9  150

Gold antique finish.


Hostess Dining Chairs    4415-6  150

Gold antique finish.


Treasure Trove Cabinet    4418-0  300

Gold antique finish.  Drawers open and close.


Royal Buffet    4419-8  300

Marble finish top, gold antique finish, side panel mirrors, doors open and close.  Includes gilded framed mirror, picture plate and 3 porcelain vases.


Grandfather Clock & Folding Screen 4423-0  200

Gold antique finish with decorated panels.


Royal Candelabra    4439-6  200

Genuine brass 3-branch candelabra for table or mantle use.  Candelabra is approximately 1.5" high.



Music Room


Royal Grand Piano    4425-5  400

Piano panels are colorfully decorated.  Top opens to reveal handcrafted genuine brass strings.  Includes velvet upholstered bench, sheet music, and metronome.


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Fantasia Candelabra    4438-4  300

Genuine brass 5-branch floor stand candelabra.





Little Princess Bed    4416-4  300

Genuine satin cover, hand-stitched lace trim on pillows, exquisite finishing throughout.  Available in pink and blue.


Boudoir Chaise Lounge    4408-1  200

Available in pink and blue.


Royal Dressing Table    4417-2  300

Available in pink and blue.


Palace Chest    4420-6  200

Marble finish top, gold antique finish.  Drawers open and close.  Includes gilded framed picture.


Lyre Table Set    4426-3  150

Marble finish top with pink "bird" lamp.  Includes gilded framed picture.


Fantasy Telephone Set    4432-1  150

French style "boudoir" phone on clear top table.


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